Maryam Fanni is a graphic designer based in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden.
PhD student in Design at HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design, University of Gothenburg.
Co-founder and member of collectives MMS, SIFAV and Mapping the Unjust City.

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Natural Enemies of Books – A Messy History of Women in Printing and Typography, edited by MMS (Maryam Fanni, Matilda Flodmark, Sara Kaaman) is published by Occasional Papers in spring 2020.
Launches are postponed due to covid-19. Read more and purchase the book.

Residency at Iaspis (Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Residency Program) with Mapping the Unjust City, October 2019–March 2020


2020.03 Visual identity for MA program Culture and Democracy at Gothenburg University.

2019.11 Image Editor for the 175 year anniversary book of Konstfack University of Arts Crafts and Design, 175 år av kamp, glädje och misslyckanden – Grattis Konstfack!.
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2019.12.09 Book design Skrif om vad du målar – breven från Anna Nordlander till Kerstin Cardon 1869–1879, published by Museum Anna Nordlander. Editor Anna Jörgensdotter.
Assisted by Vendela Wetterström.

2019.04.07 Västerås stads avtal med Clear Channel (Västerås city's agreement with Clear Channel)
Public art project for for Västerås konstmuseum. Photo: Tom Larsson
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2019.01 Book design for Frida Hållander's dissertation Vems hand är det som gör? – en systertext om konst/hantverk, klass, feminism och om viljan att ta strid, published by ArtMonitor and Konstfack Collection.
Assisted by Evelina Mohei.

2018.12 Logotype and visual identity for SAQMI Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images.
Assisted by Evelina Mohei. Website with animated logotype developed by Minna Sakaria and Vincent Orback.

2018.09 Educational project Bilder av världen commissioned by Konsthall C, in collaboration with Paula Urbano.
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2018.09 Book design for Sites and Situations, Konstfack. In collaboration with Markus Johnson. Editor Magnus Ericson.

2018.09.29 Poster design for exhibition Dödligt material, Gustavsbergs Konsthall

2018.03.29 Publication design for Elena Mazzi's project Speech Karaoke, Quartiere Intelligente, Naples

2018.03 Book design for Abstract Dialogue by photographer Rikard Laving, published by BlackBook Publications

2017.11.11–2018.01.14 The Natural Enemies of Books, exhibition by MMS at Konstakademien Tengbomhallen
Photo: Johan Wahlgren

2017 Type design "Curtain"
Thank you Jacob Grønbech Jensen for digitalization

‘If you want a new pair of winter curtains for your dining room, can you make them yourself, so that they shall hang straight and true and the linings not be puckered? If you can, I think you can make the banner.’
– Mary Lowndes Banners and Banner-Making (London: Artist’s Suffrage League, 1909)

2017.09.23 Poster for exhibition Att ta strid at Gustavsbergs konsthall

2017.08 Book cover design for Det omöjliga vittnandet by Marie Hållander, published by Eskaton.

2017.06.24 Book design for artist Elena Mazzi's project Atlante Energetico published by La Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte and GAM Galleria Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino

2017.06 Book design, Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice edited by Meike Schalk, Thérèse Kristiansson, Ramia Mazé, published by AADR.
Typeface Lipstick by Kerstin Hanson
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2017.06.03 vi är den här platsen eller tillståndet, Johanna Gustavsson
Book design in collaboration with Rikard Heberling
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2017.05.11 Catalogue design, Accessing Utopia, Behzad Khosravi-Noori and Rene León-Rosales, Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2017

2017.03.17 Konsthall C Editions, edited by Corina Oprea.
Publication series design in collaboration with Rikard Heberling.

2017.03.17 Konsthall C identity
Graphic identity (modified) in collaboration with Rikard Heberling

2017.02 Graphic design, Konsten att beröra, Kulturrådet (Swedish Arts Council) and Riksutställningar.

2017.01.25 Co-edited publication for KU-project Million/Mirror at Royal Institute of Art in collaboration with Sarah Kim and Elof Hellström.
Graphic design: Kristoffer Larberg, Cover painting: Oskar Hult
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2016.10.14 Graphic design and editing, Kungsbacka Blodbok by Ingela Johansson

2016.04.23 Så som det skulle kunna vara, Paula Urbano, Kristianstads konsthall

2016.03.05 FAGS:METOD, red. Johanna Gustavsson & Zafire Vrba, FAGS

2016.02.18 Om detta sjunger vi inte ensamma, red. Anna Jörgensdotter & Charlotte Qvandt, Bokförlaget ETC

2015 Graphic design, Konsthall C 10 år – en ofullständig historia, edited by akcg (anna kindgren and carina gunnars), Konsthall C
80 SEK, contact: mail (a]

2015 Iaspis Open House, graphic design in collaboration with Rikard Heberling

2015 Köpcentrum som offentlig plats, Hjärnstorm #4.2015
in collaboration with Elof Hellström, Åsa Johansson, Sarah Kim, Paula Urbano

2015.12.10 Screenprinting workshop with Ciara Phillips, Konsthall C
Part of MMS project "Distaff Side"

2015.11.08 Samtal och stickning – Förspilld kvinnokraft, ABF Stockholm
Panel: Anne Lidén, Louise Waldén, Sofia Ricklund Lindgren
Moderator: Maryam Fanni
(Bild: Julbroderiet, Vi Mänskor #5-6 1973)

2015.10.27 Prekär: om det nya arbetslivets estetik och etik, Arbetets museum

2015.10.03 Webpage Lesbisk makt

2015 Book design Tusen spår i en och samma karta for artist Katarina Nitsch, self-published

2015 Poster/publication Horrible Mixtures for Stina Nyberg's performance with the same title.

2015.05.11 Book cover design Kära Liv & Caroline, Liv Strömquist & Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli, Natur&Kultur

2014.11.08 jag gör vi varje dag, Johanna Gustavsson
Book design in collaboration with Rikard Heberling

2015.03.23 "Zoom in zoom out" one-week course, Nyckelviksskolan Bild & Grafisk form
Course blog

2015.01.27 Folder for Research Week, Kungl. Konsthögskolan/Royal Institute of Art

2014 Editorial illustration for Bang #2 2014, "Njutningens kontrakt", Clara Lee-Lundberg

2014 Karl Schultz Köln Art Lab Gnesta, Art Lab Gnesta
Book design in collaboration with Rikard Heberling
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2014 SIFAV: Stadsomvandlingsparlören

2014.08.04 Summer workshop Fanzine Redax, Konsthall C
(Image shows one of the participants fanzines produced during the week)

2014 Vi måste göra nu, det skapar förmodligen nya problem men det får vi lösa då (Tema: Kroppen 3 mars / Längtan 16 mars / Vrålet 24 april), Konsthall C
Workshop series arranged together with akcg (anna kindgren & carina gunnars), Rikard Heberling, Johanna Gustavsson, Eva Arnqvist

2013/2014 Contamination of Evidence – fem konstnärer på Historiska museet

2013.10.19 Group exhibition FAGS, Konsthall C
Graphic design in collaboration with Rikard Heberling

2013 It's hard to be down when you're up in collaboration with Rikard Heberling
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2013.05.18 Ordens makt – power-analytical perspectives on typography, in collaboration with Rikard Heberling, Konstfack
With contributions by Johanna Lewengard, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Uje Brandelius

2013 SIFAV: Allt blir inte löpsedel

2013 Lexikon Konsthall C

2012 Counter-constructivist Model (La Fontaine stories for immigrants) – paper-film in nine acts, eds. Sezgin Boynik & Minna L. Henriksson, Labyrint Press

2012 United States of License Plates – Looking for Hawaii in Rhode Island

2012 The Forest is Young and Full of Life, Jaana Kokko, Labyrint Press

2012 Graphic identity for Konstfack at Rossanna Orlandi, Milan Furniture Fair, in collaboration with Rikard Heberling

2012 F.A.Q – Konstfack School Paper

In collaboration with Ebba Forslind, Gustaf From, Evelina Kroon-Sandberg, Tomas Nilsson, Marcus Gunnar Pettersson, Minna Sakaria, Nike Spengler, Miia Vallius, Daniel Wasmuth and Jeff Östberg

2012 Cover Story, Jens Strandberg

2012 Editorial illustration for Ordkonst #1.2012 in collaboration with Karin Hagen

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